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Winter's  Here!!

"I AM"   ultimate father to all, rock of the disenfranchise,  said "People  Color shall have opportunities beyond Sports & Entertainment".  African and Native American lives Matter !
N.C. A&T to Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Sit-In; Roland S. Martin to Keynote
  • N.C. A&T to Establish Sports Performance Center Named for Glovers;
  • Three N.C. A&T Seniors Named to Transportation Fellowship Program
N.C. A&T to hold hemp conference for small farmers Feb. 11
UNC System Names Fayetteville State University Chancellor Search Committee
 Manifest destiny is will those who think they are First  become the last starting today.  Entity 775 "Jesus" Michael J. Pippen since 1949 Through  Creator I'm second in power everywhere.-Wingman Gabriel

Throwdown: Throw in with the devil, get thrown in with the devil


Stealing A&T's Praise 

Nanotechnology and Biotechnology should have been NC A&T Signature programs

Greensboro Massacre 2.0

UNC  Board  Governors Bogus  NCA&T/UNCG Joint Millennial Campus - alleged designated  Oct. 10, 2003 .  
You don't take a Mule to the Kentucky Derby: UNC Board of Governors UNC Greensboro white privilege Nanoscience MS and Ph.D. degrees.
NCA&T Board of  Trustees prior to First Regular Schedule Meeting Sept. 27, 2019, without authority to do so approved July 19, 2019 Orientation and Retreat Agenda Action Items  creating alleged Centers of Excellence
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